When your skin needs something that makes lot of Sensé

I grew up with a Combination type of skin, where my T-zone is normally oily and my cheek part normally dry. Since I started working, I am more conscious on what I put on my face. I am not a fan of astringents as they normally make my skin even drier. 

I tried a lot of products in the market until I bumped into the Sensé skin product line. At first, I was skeptical, thinking it is just like the other products that I tried but true to its promise and 8-week clinical tests, it helped me manage my combination type of skin. It made my skin supple, less oily on the T-Zone part where I don’t need to worry if my face looks like a frying pan with oil where you could cook some eggs on it. I am an IT Consultant and whenever we have these “toxic” days at work, I don’t have time to do retouch because our priority is to have our software deliverables done. If you’re a busy-bee like me at work but still would like to take of your skin, I highly recommend Sensé products. See some great points I learned about the product. 

Features of Sensé products: 

  1. It doesn’t contain Paraben, which is a chemical used to preserve the products so it could last for 1 to 2 years. It made use of Sensé’s Patented Self Preserving technology to have a natural and safe content while it could still last for a year.  More about Paraben later.
  2. It is perfect for all skin types…even for sensitive skins.
  3. They have a product that has DSR technology for vibrant younger looking skin (specifically, Sensé Perfecting Essence).
  4. It contains topical Nutritional complex like Proflavanol T (an antioxidant to protect our skin from oxidative stress) and Proteo-C (a vitamin C complex for smoother and brighter look)

Here are the Sensé products that I am using:

Sensé Nourishing Conditioner and Revitalizing Shampoo

(L-R) Sensé Daytime Protective Emulsion with Sunscreen, Sensé Night Renewal Creme, Sensé Perfecting Essence

Sensé Gentle Daily Cleanser and Sensé Hydrating Toner
Sensé Energizing Shower Gel

Why stay away from Paraben

Well there are researches that shows that Paraben is found on some of the skin cancer patients. Although, there’s no definitive study that shows that it causes Skin Cancer, it is better to be more careful, don’t you think?

For more detail, you may check this video from the company USANA. In this video you’ll be able to watch Dr. Regina Hamlin, M.D., chief of dermatology at four major California hospitals, as she explains the aging process of your skin and how USANA’s Sensé can work for you. Sounds great right? A product backed-up by Science.

Watch out for my reviews on the different Sensé skin care line.

You may also check out this site for more information about USANA products: www.joelandjudygabriel111.usana.com